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I am attempting to stop people from being able to browse directories on my server.

I have a fully functioning public facing LAMP on my pi but when you type in a dir name or my ip address you can see the DIR info.

Here is a live example http://anthonyrussell.info/postimages/

I was told to change this by editing the httpd.conf file but when I search for it, it doesn't exist.

enter image description here

What am I missing?

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I never installed Apache on a Raspberry Pi, but on Debian (the operating system Raspbian is based on) the config file is apache2.conf (not httpd.conf) and it should be in /etc/apache2.

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Thanks so much! – Malachi Bazar May 2 at 13:26

Removed as 'not an answer'?? With apologies to Ghanima, this is the exact answer I would have looked for. On my Raspberry Pi (Debian), with Apache installed, there is no httpd.conf, there is ports.conf. And it is located in /etc/apache2/ports.conf. I typed it twice because it was immediately flagged as too short to be an answer. Sorry to have offended anyone.

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So you typed it twice because it was flagged as too short... instead of simply writing two or three explanatory lines (just as you did now) to make it an answer that everyone could understand? – Ghanima Apr 24 at 19:16

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