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I am trying to create a timelapse with raspistill. What I would need is to have a thumbnail image as well.

Reading the documentation I've found that you can use the --thumb flag to specify thumbnail sizes. But I don't know where they are saved

I am using the following command:

raspistill \
    --verbose \
    -t 0 \
    -tl 1000 \
    --thumb 320:240:70 \
    -n \
    -o imgs/image%04d.jpg


(thanks to Peter)

  1. Install exiv2

    sudo apt-get install exiv2 
  2. Use the command below to extract the thumbnail from image0000.jpg to image0000-thumb.jpg

    exiv2 -et ./image0000.jpg
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I believe that the thumbnail gets embedded into the JPEG image as EXIF data. Exiftool allows you to view the embedded thumbnail images - http://www.aldeid.com/wiki/Exiftool.

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