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Is it possible to install groovy on the Raspberry Pi?

Will it run at a reasonable speed?

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Yes it does

To install on Raspbian just do:

apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk groovy

Current JVM problem

If you use Oracles Java Soft float implementation there are less issues to expect and a way better performance then with OpenJDK. Because Groovy focus its testing on Oracles VM, but Bugs found because of OpenJDK are fixed, too. But you will need a soft float distribution like Debian (not Raspbian) to get the Oracle VM working.

A hard float Oracle VM will be released, but there is no release date yet. See this forum thread for more updates on that. Just be patient.

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I’ve been able to run Groovy using the latest version of Raspbian, the Oracle JDK 8 beta that can be found here and GVM The performance is poor for interactive usage, but good enough if you are planning on running a groovy script as a cron job. For example a script I run every night takes about 10 seconds to execute on a desktop machine, 25 seconds to execute on a netbook, and 55 seconds on the raspberrypi.

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With the new Oracle JVM 8 (public beta) it even runs with hard floating point. Just gave it a try - it's not too slow!


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