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Raspberry pi has an on-board DSI connector, If I buy an LCD or TFT or touch screen which has the DSI connector, could I mount it on the RPI? Does it require any additional firmware or library for display or will the kernel handle that?

I just compiled custom kernel with minimal root file system with busybox so no gui is available right now. I have connected the RPI with TV and it's working fine I need these feature with LCD or Touch Screen, I was not able to find any documentation for RPI screens.

Is those screens works for RPI US $14.88 & US $14.28 ?

Could anyone resolve the matter?

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Have you tried looking into the GPU driver code? It might offer some perspective on using the DSI interface. If I am not wrong, the GPU drivers were made open source recently. This question offers some perspective. –  Sai Nov 23 '12 at 6:28
@Sai Thanks, good link.. –  Shantanu Banerjee Nov 23 '12 at 6:42
Have you resolved this issue? If so, could you mark an answer as such or create a self-answer and mark it. We are trying to get the site Q:A up and this question looks to be resolved in the comments. –  RPi Awesomeness Feb 25 at 17:57
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