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So I'm trying to get a touchscreen from Chalkboard Electronics to work with my model B Raspberry Pi. The specific product I have is this 7" capacitive touchscreen which connects to the Raspberry Pi over HDMI using an HDMI-LVDS converter.

I'm using Raspbian wheezy 2012-10-28 as my operating system and the EDID file supplied by the manufacturer. My config.txt file contains:


However, I get no output on the screen. The backlight of the display lights up, Raspberry Pi's red light is on steady, green light flashes (in no particular sequence). I've also connected the Pi to a standard HDMI monitor (after disabling option for EDID) and it works fine. I've separately plugged in the touchscreen via the HDMI-LVDS converter into a Windows laptop, and the touchscreen does display output. I've also used the SD card test image used by the manufacturer - and no dice.

Are there any solutions for the display not working, or diagnostic steps I can carry out?

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I solved this problem by adding this line to my config.txt file:


Turns out that the touchscreen, to use the words used by Raspberry Pi wiki, is a "crappy Chinese" one and needs this line to work correctly.

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Your original settings are wrong, you don't need to change config.txt file because our LCD has EDID and RasPi can detect correct resolution itself. You wrote complete mess of settings in config.txt, so no wonder that LCD didn't work correctly.

hdmi_ignore_edid line is also not required. You can make simple test by connecting our LCD to normal PC and you will see that correct resolution will be automatically detected.

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