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Does the Raspberry Pi have its own connectors for the 26 GPIO pins? If not what connectors do Pi users typically use for connecting these pins to peripherals?

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You have a couple of options:

  • Female to male jumper wires (for use with a breadboard),
  • Alternatively you can add a set of female headers to the Pi and use the more common male to male jumper wires,
  • You can use a floppy drive ribbon cable (because the cable has more pins than the Pi it will hang over the edge and prevent it from being used with a case/enclosure),
  • You can make your own ribbon cable,
  • Adafruit (and most other Pi suppliers) has a ribbon cable (also available in white though not linked) specifically made to fit the Pi that works with many of the available cases.
  • They also offer a product called the Pi Cobbler which includes a cable, PCB and headers which make protoyping with a breadboard a breeze (this too is available in two styles)

For a more permanent installation I might use a ribbon cable and etch a custom PCB.

In the end which method you choose comes down to price, convenience, and how much you will be modifying your circuit.

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