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I've installed Git on Rpi Arch via Pacman. It installed fine. I was able to add my details to the config and initialise a new repo. I also had no trouble adding files to the repo.

But the moment I try to make a initial commit (in the default Nano text editor), the command line wigs' out. When I try to kill the program with ctrl + c, the terminal breaks completely (endlessly printing out a "EoF" error message), and only stops once the computer is switched off...

Anyone familiar with this issue?

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Was it nano which crash or git itself (in my opinion less probably).

Try to do some "dummy" commit e.g. inside your git repository, using -m comment argument, which embed commit message in commandline so that external text editor won't be called:

touch dummy.c 
echo "dummy" > dummy.c
git add dummy.c
git commit -m "my dummy commit"

Then you can check if commit was OK (e.g. git log). If it is, it's probably nano that causes problems, not git.

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Was trying to answer my own question yesterday, but wasn't able to. To problem was not so much Nano itself, but not having it set. 'git config --global editor nano' fixed it. Thanks for the reply. – Charlie Dec 11 '12 at 22:51

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