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I'm having problems with my xbmc remote app on android, to control openelec running on my RasberryPi.

OpenElec Build: 2.95.5 (seems to be equal to xbmc froyo)

 - Not listing TV SHOW in main menu
 - Not LIsting Movies in main menu
 - When connecting and On each action this error pops up:

the only thing that works is the remote control

Any advise here ?
any areplacing that works with froyo perhaps ?

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I found the solution, there are 2 options:

- Download latest .APK beta of the xbmc remote Here's [a link](https://github.com/tombriden/android-xbmcremote/downloads)! 
- You can use Yatse, which is a great app !!

Personal I stick with Yatse until there is a stable official release of the new android xmbc remote app.

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