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I'd like to access the default running (vs virtual) X desktop session (the one that is visible over HDMI) over VNC - basically to use my laptop as kbd+mouse while enjoying the big TV screen connected to my Pi. I don't want to invest in extra kbd+mouse for Pi, when several network-connected laptops are available.

All those tutorials for installing and setting up tightvnc seem to be designed for those who want truly headless setup. And I don't see how I can run the tightvnc server in order to access to the active real X session.

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Your most likely using TightVNC and it's behaviour does not allow access to the real (to my knowledge) x desktop session.

What your looking for is x11vnc. This allows VNC access to the default X session.

Not exactly sure what Distro you are running, but first try installing it apt-get install x11vnc. If that does not work, then you will have to download the source and compile it on the Raspberry Pi.

Just a side note: You cannot "see" any output that comes from the GPU IE: Video, games. That output is only sent over the HDMI cable for now (This will be changed sometime in the future)

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