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I am looking to document a hardware project my company is putting together. It consists of a Raspberry Pi prototype board and some basic circuitry.

The tutorials on raspberrypi.org have very nice wiring diagrams; for example, the image below. I would like to generate similar-looking diagrams for my documentation. Does anybody know what software they use to generate these images and if I can use it for my own projects?

raspberrypi.org wiring diagram

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I believe they have their own in-house designer who created the images you're referring to, as discussed here:

Our new in-house designer Sam has produced the templates along with a brilliant set of icons, components, characters, illustrations and bespoke GPIO and wiring diagrams.

That being the case, the likely candidates are Illustrator and Photoshop. There is a repository of reusable image resources on the raspberrypilearning Github here.

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Thanks for the GitHub link; it's a great starting point! The images there are very useful; looks like it would still be a manual process to get the final result. – berto Feb 18 at 13:44

Assuming here you want to create similar images to what Raspberrypi.org provides (your question asks how the images are made, but you do not provide a reason why you want to know this): You can create similar diagrams using the Fritzing open source circuit design software, downloadable at http://fritzing.org/home/.

Output looks like this: enter image description here

You can then turn these circuits into PCB designs, and even order your PCB printed right from Fritzing itself. Outputs generated are compatible with what most PCB service need as inputs.

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I'm not saying for a second that you can't just use Fritzing, but it definitely wasn't used to produce the raspberrypi.org doodles. – goobering Feb 17 at 15:04
Yes I know that - I should have mentioned that more clearly in my answer - editing it now. – Phil B. Feb 17 at 15:29
You're right, I don't specify why I want to do this; I will update the question, thanks! – berto Feb 18 at 13:36

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