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I've read online that the Pi 3's WiFi/Bluetooth chip (BCM43438) can also receive FM radio. Why can't I use it to receive FM signals?

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Related answer – Mast Mar 22 at 13:29
@Mast Not really. I'm mainly referring to the built-in chipset on the Pi 3. – PandaLion98 Mar 23 at 0:29
This site is not just about you, it's also about what others do when they find your question. For those interested in getting radio to work regardless how it's done, that link could help them. It's related, nothing more, nothing less. – Mast Mar 23 at 9:04
@Mast I'm aware. – PandaLion98 Mar 24 at 6:40
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According to this the required pin(s) on the BCM43438 were not easy to route out, and so are not connected on the chip.

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