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I've had this problem with Openelec and Raspbmc, though it's not as bad in Openelec. All my downloaded videos work fine, I've opened the video information while watching them and they have several different codecs in both .mp4 and .avi containers: xvid, mpeg4, mp3, ac3, aac...

My problem is with all the videos that I encoded myself, I wanted to put all my videos into a format that I could play on the largest number of devices without re-encoding and without a gigantic file size while still retaining surround sound audio. From what I could find, .mp4 using h.264 (x264) and aac would suit my needs best. However all of the videos encoded as such have VERY jittery video throughout the whole movie and an annoying bit of audio and video hiccuping right after opening the file.

From what I understand, The Raspberry Pi supports h.264 so why am I having so much issue? Can anyone recommend another format perhaps that is fairly unversal?

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First, have you played these x264/AAC videos on any other devices (and if so, how do they play on those devices)? What bitrates did you use for video/audio? Are you streaming these to your Pi or playing them from a local device? If you are streaming, is it over wifi or ethernet? There's nothing wrong with the x264/AAC combo -- something else is wrong, here. – Uninspired Jan 23 '13 at 1:42

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