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I know of the list of keyboards/mouses that work with the RPi. I do not have the time to check all of the 100's of product in Amazon/Ebay for the cheapest one. And so my question is, has anyone found the cheapest mouse and keyboard compatible with the Pi that I could buy from either Ebay or Amazon? Note that I live in Canada, and so it would be preferable if it came from .ca domain.. If not, if I could have fre/cheap shipping.

Thanks for your time, as I have been looking arroudn everywhere for a cheap KB/mouse..


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Any standard USB keyboard or mouse will work with the pi Joel, you do not have to look for anything special. Buy the first one you trip over. – goldilocks Feb 26 '13 at 10:02

It's not a good question, I'm afraid, as prices can change daily. I'd suggest sticking with a Canada-based supplier from EBay or Amazon, find a price you don't mind paying and just buying them. Chances are the next day you'll find it cheaper, but that could go on forever.

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