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Top new questions this week:

Camera NoiIR camera wont work while my touchscreen is plugged in

I've got a raspberry pi V3. A touchscreen that connects to the DSI port and a Pi NoIR camera module and running the latest lite image. The touchscreen is a non-pi brand screen i found on amazon. It's ...

pi-3 camera touchscreen  
asked by user3281079 3 votes
answered by user3281079 0 votes

Does Raspberry Pi 4 supports pointer authentication?

I know that ARM Pointer Authentication feature is supported on all ARMv8.3-A processors, and this version was presented at 10/2016. RPi 4 Model B was released last year so there is a good chance the ...

pi-4 security arm  
asked by Z E Nir 2 votes

Moving to a new house

At home i have a raspberry pi as a webserver for my personal project and in the next couple of months i'm moving with my parents to a new house. What are the things i should check before moving the ...

pi-3 web-server  
asked by Kees van opdorp 2 votes
answered by Ljm Dullaart 2 votes

Crontab not executing php scripts

My problem is that crontab is not executing my php script /home/pi/CronTabFiles/saveThermometer.php I tried a lot of things, I don't remember everyone of them but I'll list what i consider mains one. ...

cron php  
asked by ksiadz510 2 votes
answered by ksiadz510 0 votes

Is there a conflict between raspbian/raspberrypi versions and python versions?

Can some version of python not run on some version of Raspbian? Is there some thing in the architecture of some version of Raspberry Pi that could make them incompatible with some versions of python?

raspbian pi-3 python pi-2 version-control  
asked by Mat brightington 2 votes
answered by jwbradley 3 votes

Using Pi to bridge two networks through SSH tunnel

TLDR: How to route SQL traffic through a reverse VPN tunnel on a Win10 client to an outside network. I'm hoping I can get some clear advice / tips on this desired setup. I'm looking to access an MS ...

networking ssh  
asked by Tom Bedford 2 votes

How do i expand file system on raspberry pi 4 manually

I have just flashed an image of my original 16 GB SD card (the one that comes in the raspberry pi kit) to an new 128 GB card. It booted up fine but when i tried to expand the filesystem using ...

sd-card pi-4 filesystem partition  
asked by Jack3G 2 votes
answered by Milliways 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Playing audio files with Python

I am looking for a well maintained Python library with allows me to play audio files on my Raspberry Pi using the standard audio output. So far I've tried several, but none of them seem to work. ...

python audio  
asked by Stein 39 votes
answered by xxmbabanexx 32 votes

TightVNC connection refused

I exactly followed these instructions on the official RPi site to install TightVNC on my Pi (model 2). The Pi has a static IP address and I can ping it and SSH in (obviously), so I know it's working. ...

vnc gui  
asked by vaindil 16 votes
answered by jdtech 33 votes

GPIO Pinout Orientation RaspberyPi Zero W

I looked over various websites providing the pinout explanation, especially this . But I have trouble to figure them to the real rpi zero. I mean in the following image provides the pinout ...

asked by Dimitrios Desyllas 16 votes
answered by Magnus W 23 votes

error - problem connecting to Raspberry Pi 3 with xrdp

I ran: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install xrdp I wen't to Windows 10 remote desktop connection and connected to my Raspberry Pi 3: Then I entered default credentials credentials ...

raspbian pi-3 rdp  
asked by Andrei 46 votes
answered by Shreyas Murali 56 votes

How to force NTPD to update date/time after boot?

The Raspberry Pi lacks a hardware clock. How do I force NTPD to update date/time immediately after every boot? I'm running Raspbian and the Raspberry Pi is connected using an Ethernet cable.

raspbian ntp  
asked by Alessandro Da Rugna 66 votes
answered by nos 42 votes

Installing Chrome on Raspbian

I am following a tutorial that is based on a Chrome extension so I have to install Chrome. When I tried the following command: sudo apt-get install chromium I get the following error: E: Package ...

raspbian software-installation chromium chrome-os  
asked by Mona Jalal 17 votes
answered by Mona Jalal 7 votes

Do I still need rpi-update if I am using the latest version of Raspbian?

I have a 512MB Pi. I am trying to make sure I am getting the most out of it. I just downloaded the latest version of Raspbian and installed it on the Pi. Do I also need rpi-update? Is rpi-update ...

raspbian operating-systems software-installation firmware update  
asked by Scoop 67 votes
answered by Caleb 85 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Scan and label mac addresses on local network with web interface (similar to fing)

I really like the fing app on android (app that brute force scans all ips on the local network then port scans to see what services are active) and I was wondering if there was something similar that ...

networking linux  
asked by yingw 1 vote

Broadcast camera feed to network using Raspberry Pi 4 with FFMpeg

Good day all So I have to try to stream my Intel Realsense D435 camera to my local network. After reading up on many different sites, tutorials, etc I figured out the following: What can I do with ...

video streaming-video ffmpeg  
asked by Cybex 1 vote

Stream camera input over 5G WiFi to multicast address using FFMpeg

I am trying to stream my Intel RealSense D435 RGB camera input to a multicast address on my network. Please note, video streaming, encoding, is very new to me - I do not understand much, when ...

raspbian camera video streaming-video ffmpeg  
asked by Cybex 1 vote
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