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Top new questions this week:

Vintage terminal as RPi console

I want to connect a vintage 70s era terminal with a Raspberry Pi. The terminal uses a DB-25 connector and features hardware flow control (RTS/CTS/DTR etc). What would be the recommended way to hook it ...

serial serial-console  
asked by m000 3 votes
answered by Milliways 1 vote

What can set the system clock?

I'm testing various clock sources on a Raspberrypi Zero W with Raspbian Buster Lite. After removing the fake hardware clock sudo apt remove --purge fake-hwclock and disabling ntp sudo timedatectl ...

pi-zero-w raspbian-buster raspbian-lite system-clock  
asked by matteol 3 votes


This example scans for any I2C slave address current on the I2C bus. (I am using a RPi 3B+ with raspbian buster from september release) Script trial_smbus.py: from smbus2 import SMBus channel = 1 ...

gpio pi-3b+ i2c  
asked by karelv 2 votes
answered by joan 2 votes

I2C works but gives wrong value

I have an RPi3b (Master) wired up to an MCU (Slave) communicating via I2C. I did have an RPi1b wired up and upon which I did my first development (cheaper to accidentally fry). Suddenly I'm getting a ...

raspbian i2c  
asked by Mike Watson 2 votes
answered by Mike Watson 3 votes

Beyond breadboards? Good ways to package simple GPIO-using project?

I have a couple of simple projects that use a handful of GPIO pins, a few resistors, and some sensors and LEDs. What's a good way to package up stuff like that? Is there a premade solderable HAT-like ...

packages breadboard case  
asked by O. Jones 2 votes
answered by Roger Jones 2 votes

How to know if time is synced?

I'm writing a software in C and it is running as a systemd service. I need the service to run after time has synced or alternatively, I need a way for my C program to identify if time has synced. I'm ...

raspbian-stretch c systemd ntp  
asked by Diogo Melo 2 votes
answered by Milliways 2 votes

Problem with PI GPIO using BB SPI

I've developed a PI Python application to replace an old control card which sent bit banging out to daisy chained LED drivers. It all works fine except when I need some fast updating of the LED's. ...

asked by Peter 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I make serial work on the Raspberry Pi3 (or later model)

My Pi3 serial console produces rubbish and fails to respond to the keyboard.

pi-3 serial pi-zero-w pi-3b+  
asked by Milliways 44 votes
answered by Milliways 65 votes

GPIO Pinout Orientation RaspberyPi Zero W

I looked over various websites providing the pinout explanation, especially this . But I have trouble to figure them to the real rpi zero. I mean in the following image provides the pinout ...

asked by Dimitrios Desyllas 13 votes
answered by Magnus W 19 votes

Raspberry Pi sleep mode, how to avoid

I use "wheezy" latest release. The device provides some web service features and supposes to be active 24/7. However if the server wasn't requested for certain amount of time (it is hard to tell exact ...

raspbian networking wireless  
asked by Don Cesar D'Bazar 32 votes

How do I update my RPi3 to Python 3.6?

Python 3.6 just came out. I tried following these instructions to build from a tarball, but it got hung up on the make command, so I terminated the process after 20 minutes or so. I also noticed that ...

raspbian python pi-3  
asked by Justin Palmer 39 votes
answered by techraf 34 votes

How to get Chromium on raspberry 3

I used the command $ sudo apt-get install chromium and it didn't work. I'm using Raspberry Jessie. When I ran the command I got this: Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree ...

pi-3 chromium  
asked by Allim 14 votes
answered by DolbyOver 1 vote

Cannot connect to mirrordirector.raspbian.org

I can't connect to mirrordirector.raspbian.org in Raspbian, but I don't know why. I've already re-installed Raspbian, but it looks like this is not the problem. How can I resolve this? After I ...

asked by William Bello 19 votes
answered by geoffmcc 21 votes

What do the LEDs on the B+ mean?

Not a duplicate of this RPi.SE question, as I'll explain in a moment. GPIO.RPI_REVISION returns 3. As far as I can tell, looking at my B+, there are no LEDs labeled: OK, FDX, LNK or 10M. There are ...

asked by PythonNut 33 votes

Can you answer these questions?

How to install PIXEL on Ubuntu Server (64bit)

I got a Raspberry PI 4 running 64bit Ubuntu Server. Now I have a bash prompt want a desktop environment. Hopefully, the PIXEL desktop to minimize differences from stock Raspbian. A quick google ...

raspbian ubuntu pixel 64-bit  
asked by StevePoling 1 vote

Rpi4B buster SPI CAN Bus Interface Problem

I'm using PI4 OS Buster. I want to connect 2 canbus interfaces so I will be able to read both of them at the same time. this is the connections I have made GPIO CAN HEADR ...

spi pi-4 raspbian-buster can-bus  
asked by Afik_Android 1 vote

RPi 4 second HDMI port does not seem to support CEC

When using the cec-utils on a Pi-4 with 2 HDMI devices connected, the one connected to HDMI1 does not respond to commands or show up in a scan. Running cec-client -l only shows 1 device. Is there ...

pi-4 cec-client  
asked by Brian 1 vote
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