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Top new questions this week:

Securing VNC connection

I have an old laptop (linux mint xfce) I use for a VNC viewer connected to the Pi 4. This gives a significant performance improvement and access to the latest 64bit s/w. Is there a way to make this ...

pi-4 vnc  
asked by Fredca 2 votes
answered by user68186 3 votes

What are the pros and cons of the new Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye?

What are the pros and cons of the new Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye? Should I install it? What benefits does it offer over Buster? Are there outstanding issues?

raspberry-pi-os-buster raspberry-pi-os-bullseye  
asked by Milliways 2 votes
answered by Milliways 2 votes

Printing a image in the mini thermal receipt printer adafruit using raspberry pi

I have opened the command prompt on a Raspberry Pi and typed the command as: lp -d ZJ-58 -o fit-to-page /home/pi/Documents/image_name.bmp which produces the gibberish printing as follows: Could ...

raspbian pi-4 terminal printing  
asked by DRV 2 votes
answered by Dmitry Grigoryev 1 vote

Replace a red Led activation on RPI 4

I have a PI 4 and accidentally broke the red led. I don know how to identify it in order to get a replace piece and soldering Any idea or help, please?

pi-4 led  
asked by Luis Enrique Acuña Santaella 2 votes
answered by techdude 1 vote

HDMI port back-feeds my Raspberry 4 and keeps it from totally powering down

I don't want to power anything from the HDMI port. My power supply has a neat switch built into the 5v cord, and after shutting down the Pi, I just want to cycle the switch to bring the Pi back alive. ...

pi-4 hdmi  
asked by Tim Ryan 1 vote

How to set the SPI comms delay from CS to SCLK?

I am using a Raspberry Pi to communicate with a SPI-enabled device over the 40-pin cable. To the best of my understanding, the Python scripts rely on the SpiDev device. The script uses the xfer3() API ...

raspbian serial spi  
asked by ysap 1 vote
answered by joan 2 votes

Problems installing docker on raspberry pi 4B bullseye

I'm trying to install docker on raspberry pi running Raspbian bullseye but I am running into a wall related to iptables. I have tried various methods mentioned at https://docs.docker.com/engine/...

docker raspbian-bullseye  
asked by Gaurav 1 vote
answered by Gaurav 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I mount a Raspberry Pi Linux distro image?

Normal filesystem images can be easily mounted: mount system.img /mnt Examined, and modified. But when I try this with a Raspberry Pi system image (e.g. raspbian), I get: mount: unknown filesystem ...

linux image mount  
asked by goldilocks 47 votes

Access to Raspberry Pi VNC session from Mac OS X

I'm trying to get remote screen access to my Raspberry Pi (running Raspbian) with a Mac OS X client. Here's what I've got: I ran 'raspbian-config' and used it to enable the VNC server. The desktop ...

vnc macos  
asked by Richard Barnette 43 votes
answered by Andrew Wedgbury 18 votes

Can a Raspberry Pi be used to create a backup of itself?

This question answers the question of how I use an external computer to create a backup of my RPi. I'm wondering whether I can create a backup image of the SD card that is currently in use, and ...

image backup  
asked by Eric Wilson 97 votes

How do I run a command line command in a Python script?

I'm using 2 separate scripts, Scale1.py and Scale2.py. To run them I enter sudo python Scale1.py or sudo python Scale2.py from the terminal command line. I would like to have a line in the Scale2.py ...

asked by Rico 17 votes
answered by mrwhale 26 votes

Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied)

I'm trying to execute the command sudo apt-get -y install linux-headers-rpi to install this driver for a pm sensor. However, my raspi gives me this output every time when I execute this command: E: ...

raspbian linux debian  
asked by Marc 3 votes
answered by MatsK 5 votes

Open chromium full screen on start up

I would like to set up a couple of Raspberry Pis to open automatically chromium or any other browser available to at start-up, and in full screen mode. I was wondering if any of you can help me. ...

boot bash cron chromium  
asked by Catalin 29 votes
answered by SK73106 35 votes

How do I make serial work on the Raspberry Pi3 (PiZeroW, Pi4 or later models)

My Pi3 serial console produces rubbish and fails to respond to the keyboard.

pi-3 serial pi-zero-w pi-3b+  
asked by Milliways 50 votes
answered by Milliways 69 votes
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