Benchmarking of the Pi 4 using the Python GPIO Zero library shows a significant increase in the frequency of toggling a GPIO pin on and off compared to previous models. This result is attributed to the higher CPU speed.

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Other benchmarks, e.g. Raspberry Pi 2 vs. 1 GPIO Benchmark however show a large range of results depending on the language / library. These numbers are substantially higher than those reported for the Python GPIO Zero library.

How does the Pi 4 GPIO perform using the different libraries (with a focus on C and the respective Python wrappers but other languages are also welcome)?

  • Every library and language will be different. Are you asking us to benchmark them all for you? If you want to know how fast the hardware can toggle then you have to look at the specs and my guess is that no library in a general purpose OS will get even close to that speed due to all the overhead they add. – Goswin von Brederlow Sep 30 '20 at 16:04
  • 1
    @GoswinvonBrederlow nobody is forcing you to provide answers or contribute any content here, it is in fact completely up to you. So no, I am not asking you to benchmark any or all of them. If someone, however, has done any experiments to that end and is willing to post an answer that would be appreciated. After all that is the purpose of an Q&A. – Ghanima Sep 30 '20 at 21:04

I'd expect the speeds to be about the same; any difference would be minuscule and barely noticeable for most applications. C is probably the best for controlling pins, though.

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