I was installing dlib to my raspberry pi 3b+. I changed the swap file size from 100mb to 1024mb in the "/etc/dphys-swapfile" file. After this, I changed the boot menu option to directly start the terminal instead of the default desktop. After installing dlib and changing back the swap file size I wasn't sure which option to select from boot menu options so I selected the 4th option that stated " B4 Desktop Autologin Desktop GUI, automatically logged in as "pi" user "

now my raspberry pi shows just a black screen after the initial startup screen with lots of commands having a green [ok] in the start ( the usual last screen before the desktop is supposed to appear).

Did I select the correct option? if yes why is the screen black and if no what do i do now? I mean from recovery mode can we access the raspi-config screen somehow?

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