I'm using my Raspberry Pi as an access point and I was wondering : how does it work ?

What is the protocol for an access point to be visible from other devices ? How much data they have to transmit so we can detect them ?

The question behind all this is : does an access point consume a lot if no device is connected to it ?

I cannot find a lot of information on the internet, I surely don't have the keyword for my question, so if you know some article that discusses about it, please share them !

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    I think the keyword is : Power Management and the best answer is : Power consumption of a computer will vary a lot depending on what the computer is doing here – Ephemeral Jul 3 at 11:25
  • The power consumption of the Pi varies little with load, but is negligible <5W, so who cares? – Milliways Jul 3 at 11:36
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    I do care because I want to use a Raspberry Pi CM3+ with a BT/WiFi module in an embedded devices. I want to know if it's better to let the wifi module and hostapd always ON or disable them and use BLE beacon when I want to enable them. – Antoine Boré Jul 3 at 15:33
  • Why don't you just measure the energy consumption of your Pi in either case? – oh.dae.su Jul 4 at 13:21

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