So, basically I am connecting a Bluetooth earpiece to my RPi 3.B

The problem started when I typed the following in the terminal

sudo bluetoothctl

the following output came

""Waiting to connect to Bluetooth..."" I waited for like 1 hour and nothing happened. I searched the web and according to what a site said I did the following (Not knowing what it meant):

modprobe btusb
sudo bluetoothctl

I dont know what it did, but the same problem occurred.

I also tried opening "Bluetooth manager" In "Preferences", but it said that Connection to Bluez had failed, and that the Bluez daemon is not running and blueman-manager could not run.

I tried re-installing all Bluetooth related packages [bluez, blueman, pi-bluetooth], but nothing happened and the same problem is still occurring

Also I tried

systemctl status blutooth

and the output was

bluetooth.service - Bluetooth Service
Loaded: error (Reason: Invalid argument)
Active: inactive (dead)
  Docs: man:bluetoothhd(8)

Also I have tried disabling and enabling Bluetooth and WI-FI driver on my pi but doesn't help..

Please help, what should I do?

NOTE: There is no problem with my hardware as my WI-FI is working good, and i'm pretty sure that wifi and Bluetooth have the same hardware.(That's what a site told me)

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