I would like to install lirc on my raspberry pi 3B+. Unfortunately there is an error message when installing with apt-get.

I just reinstalled raspbian using Noobs to avoid any problems due to changed settings or other installed packages and only executed sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade. So without changing anything else, installing lirc with sudo apt-get install lirc -y gives the following output:

enter image description here enter image description here

Any ideas, why the installation crashes and how I can fix it?

Thanks a lot for any help!

  • ,I ran "sudo apt-get install lirc -y" without any problem. My config is rpi3B+, stretch 9. I never and did not connect any IR hardware. – tlfong01 Jul 9 at 5:24
  • TobiasM, your error msg is lircd failed "Result: signal", I know nothing about signal, so I have no idea how to troubleshoot. Good Luck! – tlfong01 Jul 9 at 6:30
  • Please don't post pictures of text. Instead paste the text direct into the question. – Ingo Jul 9 at 9:46

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