I need to be able to play up to 8 mp3 files at the same time. Is this possible with the raspberry pi 3b+? They need to be started in python code.


I believe this is a simple issue of running the mpg123 command multiple times.

sudo apt-get install mpg123
man mpg123

If you want it in python

import subprocess
subprocess.run(['mpg123','<your options>'])

Based on my answer here:

The test is done on a Pi Zero with a recent Raspbian, Python 3.6, vlc (along with approx. 150 other packages), and it's Python-bindings. It's using a USB soundcard and alsa.

Playing from Python worked straight forward:

import vlc
instance = vlc.Instance('--aout=alsa')
p = instance.media_player_new()
m = instance.media_new('something.mp3') 
vlc.libvlc_audio_set_volume(p, volume)  # volume 0..100

I was able to run four independent mp3's from a single Python process with a CPU load of about 87%. Starting a fifth player resulted in this error:

alsa audio output error: cannot estimate delay: Broken pipe

Given the more powerful CPU of the Pi 3B+ and its four cores I dare say it'll work. Use multiprocessing though to allow for the distribution of the load to more than one core.

Further reading:

  • I need the option of also playing each on a loop, so you have the command for that? What usb sound card are you using? – mScientist Jul 8 '19 at 21:15

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