So, I have been working on a project which requires me to open an animation/video if the user gives an input of a recognized string mentioned in my code. Basically if the word entered by the user is stored in a dictionary or array/list the program will show a specific animation for depending on what the word/string was.

Note there are around 150-300 words in the array/list / dictionary

Recently I have tried opening images with OpenCV, and I know we can open videos on it too, but dont know how to.

My questions are:

  • Should I use OpenCV or is there any other module/package/method of opening a video that's better than OpenCV
  • If I use OpenCV, how can I what's the code on python 3.6? And what will packages should I install on my rpi 3.b [command line pls]?
  • Also any suggestions on how I can check for a match in the word and video out of SO MANY words and videos, and also how I can open them, without typing like 200 if statements

Any suggestions? Please help.

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