Can raspberry pi be killed by cable under ethernet port? I had moved pi on desk and placed it over a cable in area shown on picture (cable has only 5mm exposed wire), after that pi freezed and din´t boot again (red diode flash but not green one), i think a bus would be killed if shortcut ocured in this area? sorry for poor englishenter image description here

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    Hi there - welcome. I'm not clear about the cable. Mains power? Telephone? LAN? Is that your Pi in the photo, it has no SD card fitted... – Jonathan Jul 19 '19 at 13:32
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    If by "cable" you mean a bare metal wire, of course that could cause a problem. If you mean something sheathed in plastic or something else non-conductive, then it should be okay. – goldilocks Jul 19 '19 at 14:08

Short answer is yes it could. Those pin leads sticking through the PC board are very sharp and will puncture through insulation. As long as the wires were connected to anything it could cause damage, including zero volts (ground). Without knowing exactly which pins touched, and tracing all paths (including ground paths) you'll never know for sure. 3.3v logic is a pretty wimpy.

For example, most modern AC adapter are isolated from earth ground, and in fact have voltage between the "-" side and earth ground (I've measured between 4 volts and 42 volts on various adapters. It's due the the voltage regulation circuit). It's usually a very low current, but enough to zap a Pi.

This topic could be debated forever because there are so many variables that can't be answered.

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