I've Raspbian Buster installed on Raspberry Pi 4. I installed XRDP by first removing/purging RealVNC server (according to some sources on the web, they cannot coexist peacefully) and then installing XRDP itself. It works fine with an exception: on remote session i have wrong keyboard layout. It always defaults to US layout instead the one I need (Slovenian). In the past I have used steps below to change default layout which worked for me OK on Jessie and Stretch, i.e:

sudo xrdp-genkeymap km-00000424.ini 
sudo mv km-0424.ini /etc/xrdp 
chown root:root /etc/xrdp/km-00000424.ini
sudo service xrdp restart

km-00000424.ini is layout for Slovenian XRDP keyboard. Layout names for other languages can be found at https://sourceforge.net/p/rdesktop/code/1704/tree/rdesktop/trunk/doc/keymap-names.txt.

Unfortunately the steps above are not working for me on Buster/RPi4. I spent quite a lot of time trying to find possible solution but without success.

I think this can be due to some changes either in Buster or in current XRDP version (it is version 0.9.10). I wonder if there's anyone who knows how this should be done or at least who can point me somewhere where I can find current (not obsolete) info??


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OK. I've done it a few times on different systems and still do not remember the steps so I have to discover it again and again. So here it is. Besides your recipe,

sudo xrdp-genkeymap km-00000424.ini 
sudo mv km-00000424.ini /etc/xrdp         #minor typo corrected 
chown root:root /etc/xrdp/km-00000424.ini

just before you restart xrdp, you have to enter your kbd language to xrdp_keyboard.ini too :) :

sudo vi xrdp_keyboard.ini 
#under 3 sections should be added our new language as follows:
#and 3rd one - if needed

If you have si as layout (check with localectl).

Now you can restart xrdp service or even have to reboot the system. Next time I'll be looking at my post here XD ...

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