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Can I supply power with 5V 2Amp to Raspberry pi 4? Currently 5V 3Amp chargers by Raspberry Pi are out of stock , so I am using phone charger with 5V 2Amp along with Type C adapter.

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The Pi4B reportedly needs about 1.5 amps under load (see this Magpi chart). Thanks to Ghanima for that link

You only need more if you have power hungry peripherals which need powering through the Pi.

  • If we are to believe the MagPi's benchmark (here) it'd be roughly 1.5 A under load. – Ghanima Jul 22 at 20:26
  • I didn't know that, and have no reason to doubt it so will correct my answer. – joan Jul 22 at 20:35
  • Watch the red power led on the Pi. If if blinks or goes out, you don't have enough power. By default, the red led is a 'power ok' indicator. – tbitson Jul 23 at 8:00

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