Is it possible to use a remote desktop connection to a raspberry Pi from another Raspberry Pi?

If so, how?

  • Depending on what you really need, running ssh -Y user@rpi2 from rpi1 could be enough. Jul 24, 2019 at 13:04

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You could attempt to use the inbuilt ssh command in your terminal emulator if ssh server is enabled on the other PI; you can enable it on a headless PI by putting a file with no extension in the boot partition on the SD card.

If you require a graphical desktop use sudo raspi-config in the remote ssh connection and enable vnc server. Than on the original PI open VNC viewer (it comes pre-installed) and connect similarly to how you would using ssh. VNC will not work on raspbian lite due to a lack of a graphical desktop.


You'll need to install a VNC server. TightVNC is a good choice. AdaFruit has a great tutorial:

VNC Remote Control- Raspbian

You can then use the installed VNC client to connect.

You can always install TeamViewer as a quick and dirty solution as well

TeamViewer Raspian ARM

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