I'm getting the Gps values after running the following commands in Raspberry Pi .

sudo gpsd /dev/ttyACM0 -F /var/run/gpsd.socket


How can I copy or write the gps data displayed on terminal to a text file?


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Pipe the output from gpsmon into a file. (if the file exists already and is writable it will be wiped)

gpsmon > gpsmon.txt

Pipe the output from gpsmon to append to an existing file (provided file permissions allow write access)

gpsmon >> gpsmon.txt

Use 'tee' command to display on the terminal and pipe to a file at the same time. (same caveats on permissions occur - will overwrite existing file).

gpsmon | tee gpsmon.txt

Use 'tee' to display on the terminal and append to a file.

gpsmon | tee -a gpsmon.txt

All examples where 'gpsmon.txt' is the name of the file where your output will be saved. If gpsmon.txt doesn't exist it will be created.

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