I am new to raspberry pi and I recently decided to get RPi 4B. Anyways, I was doing a small project and when I finished, I pulled the jumper wires from the breadboard and the wire connected the GND and 5.0v touched which caused the RPi to reset. Now, I don't own a monitor nor keyboard nor mouse, so I just use a VNC server on my laptop. When the 2 wires touched the VNC server got disconnected, so i waited for the RPi to boot up but the LED was solid red and the ACT was solid green.

I searched this forum for help but all I found that the polyfuse just needs time to heal, but i just learned that the RPi 4B doesn't have a polyfuse, It only has an OVP diode.

It's been a couple hours and still nothing, I tried reinstalling raspbian and even tried a new SD card, so is it dead?

PS:Sorry for post being so long. I just wanted to give you all the details

Thanks in Advance

  • Pi's are notoriously fragile when it comes to electrical shorts, including the power pins on the GPIO header - at a guess, I'd say you have a dead Raspberry Pi - P.S. the polyfuse does not protect your Pi in the case of shorting the power pins on the GPIO, so it's presence or absence makes no difference – Jaromanda X Jul 25 at 23:02
  • Please check the The Boot Problems Sticky. – Ingo Jul 26 at 7:48
  • How did you reinstall Raspbian, if you have no monitor/keyboard/mouse? Or did you do it using your computer/laptop to copy an image to the SD card? – Duck Dodgers Jul 26 at 12:29
  • I did it using my laptop – Python_Master Jul 26 at 12:32
  • what did you do on your laptop to create the image – Jaromanda X Jul 27 at 9:38

Your RPi4B is dead. The fix will cost somewhere between £35 and £55 depending which model you've shot dead.

Never pull wires off a powered up Raspberry. Power down first. Check wiring, check it again before powering up.

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