How do I trigger a shortcut "My_Favourites.xspf" that lives on my desktop.

I would like to start playing this playlist of music in the morning to wake me up.

Just to explain better: When I double click the shortcut, that opens VLC Media player and plays the songs in that list. I would like the songs to start play without me touching anything.

Directly after that, I want to open in "full screen" a list of saved bookmarks. (They all are in one folder) If I right-click on that folder, all webpages open at once.

How do I autostart these from cron?

(Would I need a bash script? How does that script look?)

Any help will be appreciated VERY much.

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    Please do a bit of research first: Learn how to start the "VLC media player" from the command line. Once you've done that, edit your question to include the command line entry to start the VLC app. – Seamus Jul 31 '19 at 16:38
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    This question does not belong to Raspberry Pi. I cannot find any word about Raspberry Pi in it. It's a general GUI programming question. You should better ask on one of your partent sites. – Ingo Jul 31 '19 at 18:24

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