I am trying to connect Raspberry Pi with a Samsung Galaxy S3 through WiFi Direct. The online information on such process is quite sparse. The most close reference I can find is from CodeMonkeyRicky's Youtube video for Realtek 8188cu chips. He points to a good github repository ninjablocks/rtl8192cu. However the video is not complete (Part2 is missing). And I encountered runtime errors (segmentation fault) after compiling and running P2P_UI.

Any suggestions?

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Did you run this?

sudo ./P2P_UI wlan0

Then enter 'e' '1' to enable wifi direct enter 'a' to scan wifi direct devices, it should display some wifi direct devices, such as android devices


I know this is a bit late, but maybe this will help others in the future. I was able to get this to work using the methods I got from this question: Issue connecting raspberry pi to android via Wifi p2p. I also made a config script that sets everything up that is available on github, it's linked in the above question. I plan to write code that automatically connects and sends data as well but for now I just have the config script

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