I got my Pi in Fall, 2018, and have not had trouble running it. However, when I tried to upgrade my Raspbian back in May, 2019, and it didn’t look like I succeeded because when I issued the command “cat /etc/rpi-issue”, the response was:

Raspberry Pi reference 2018-06-27 Generated using pi-gen, https://github.com/Rpi-Distro/pi-gen, 0d34fb94398a4bd79711f21d6a0b5d35fe5f4a76, stage5

I assume the “reference” is to the “name” of the release and I knew there were releases subsequent to June, 2018.

I got distracted and didn’t try again until today. After several attempts, I’m pretty sure I got the list of updates (sudo apt update) but during “sudo apt dist-upgrade”, my Verizon connection dropped. Even though I did a reboot (sudo reboot), my reference is still June, 2018, no packages download (sudo apt update) and nothing changes with sudo apt dist-upgrade.

What can I do to get the updates to be applied?

Thank you for any help. Diane

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The Reference is the initial download installed.

It never changes and has nothing to do with current OS.

See What OS version is installed if you want to know what you currently have.

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