I would like to control a Raspberry Pi 4 with my smartphone (for my drone). Now I'm looking for an interface between the RPi and my Android phone.


  • Control with a web interface or app
  • Range: at least 1 km (0.62 miles).
  • Data rate: I don't need a high data rate, because I don't want a camera live stream. I only want to send small commands, like forward, backward, ...
  • Fast connection -> max. 0.5 second: Phone -> RPi
  • No license (for special frequencies)
  • One-time purchase -> No monthly fees

Here are some that I have looked at, but do not meet my requirements:

- Use a sim card for the RPi:

  • Websocket connection over a server -> web interface
  • Unlimited range
  • Monthly fees

- Use the RPi as Access Point

  • Connect the phone with the RPi-Wifi -> web interface
  • I think: to low range

- Connect my phone with a self-built antenna e.g. with RFM95W

  • Connect the antenna with USB-C to my phone
  • App
  • I must program a driver

- Bluetooth

  • To low range

Thanks for your Hardware Recommendations!

  • Your question is too broad and opinion based. Such questions are flagged and may be closed. This site isn't made for brainstorming and discuss general issues. It is made to do one specific question that can be answered detailed. – Ingo Aug 23 '19 at 10:54
  • I understand what you mean, but I'm not the only person who has this question. – Alwin07 Aug 23 '19 at 10:59
  • Maybe, but the format isn't made for this kind of questions. How many answers do you expect to get? Do you expect that you will find one who is willing to make a complete project description that explains all your requirements and offer you the solution in one answer? I don't believe it. And no, comments are not made for discussion. After some comments you will get an automated request to use the chat. You may have a look at raspberrypi.org/forums – Ingo Aug 23 '19 at 11:17
  • The project is already finished. But at the time the drone and the remote control have an arduino, these communicating with the RFM95W. Now I want to upgrade to a smartphone control. – Alwin07 Aug 23 '19 at 11:20

In the end I opted for this solution:

Android Phone > Serial > Self built antenna with an Arduino > RFM95W > Raspberry Pi

  • 2km range
  • Cheap
  • Fast
  • Easy


Android Serial


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