I have a raspberryPi zero running Raspbian-lite and Im using the solution that is given to this question to create a kiosk type application, that startsX on boot and uses the open box window manager to autostart a python Tkinter GUI.

The Raspi has a PiTFT 3.5 display from Adafruit on it. Now I have configured the display to be in 270 degree landscape and to display the HDMI output.

Now as soon as I start my Raspi it shows the console, which is expected since im not starting X on boot so the HDMI would show the console. Now because I don't have a keyboard Im ssh't into the pi, and if I now run startX over ssh the screen goes to my interface.

The problem is that fist of all the interface is bigger then the screen in all directions, so there are significant bits missing, The other problem is that X and Y of the touchscreen are inverted and the mouse cursor seems to big.

Now I know that the problem with the overcalling could be my Tkinter script but its unlikely because if I launch it over a Raspbian with desktop its just a fullscreen window and it isn't to big. I also thought it might be something with the PiTFT software but while the console is displayed everything is normal size and fits the screen as it should.

So it seems to be something to do with the way in which Im launching this kiosk, because if I just use Raspi desktop rather then lite the application doesn't oversize, the mouse is smaller and X and Y isn't swapped.

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