I have some devices (i.e. leds) that I need to control on a Raspberry Pi, but I was thinking if there is a way in which I can put the code in a server, and then when the raspberry Pi receives a certain command to turn on a led, it takes the command from the server. I need to achieve this thing as I dont need to show the code to the client on the raspberry pi. I am using .net core. This is for educational purpose not for business.


My pigpio library lets you control the GPIO of one or more Pis from another machine on the network. The other machine may be a Windows, Linux, Mac, or Android machine. It's simplest if the other machine can run Python.


An easier approach might be to use the gpiozero software. gpiozero is supported by the Raspberry Pi foundation and uses the services of pigpio to handle the GPIO.

I am not familiar with .NET.

Have a look at this .NET interface to pigpio provided by unosquare.

  • This is what I need, but my application is running on .net core. Is there an equivalent library? – TheCondorIV Aug 24 '19 at 16:29
  • @TheCondorIV I have no idea what .net core is. If it is relevant you should edit that information into your question. – joan Aug 24 '19 at 16:38

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