Well, I want to connect Rpi zero W and Zishan Z1/2 DSD in one case, but with both devices working in one port connected to PC. (with working usb device in Rpi if in "portable" mode or in both situations)

So, the most easiest way to do it is obvious USB-hub. But if I connect this in USB 2.0 (max 0.5A) will there enough power to working both devices? If Rpi takes ~170mA and Zishan takes - I don't know (I tried to find out but I guess it is around 500mA).

I want to work Rpi from Zishan's battery ("portable" mode), also, with working gamepad (or wireless reciever like for xbox's ones) (I forgot to show it on picture - with another USBhub or with USB switch (what is unlikely)) So do i think in right way? Will it work? Is there a easier way to do it?

How I think it will work How I think it will work

Zishan Z1 DSD Zishan Z1 DSD

Rpi Zero W (one MicroUSB port for charging, another for OTG but still usable as charging) Rpi Zero W


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I think your config is OK.

ZiShan Z1 should take much less than 50mA. RpiZ takes less than 300mA. In other words, a piece of cake for USB2.0 hub.


Zishan DSD Pro Battery = 3000mAh Battery life = 8H (3000 / 8 ~= 40 mA)


How much power does the Pi4B use? Power Measurements (RpiZ shooting 1080p video ~= 250mA)


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    – tlfong01
    Aug 30, 2019 at 13:47

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