I am brand new to RasPi. I installed the NOOBS onto an SD card. (formatted using SDFormatter) On boot the NOOBS screen came up on HDMI. I selected Raspbian. After NOOBS installed Raspbian and (I assume) booted the OS there was no HDMI. Now when I boot I do get HDMI until it gets past the screen telling me to push Shift to configure. If I let it go on to boot the OS the HDMI disappears. If I hold shift then HDMI remains active and I get the NOOBS screen.

I have worked through the suggestions on FAQs at http://www.raspberrypi.org/faqs Any other suggestions gratefully accepted.

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I think this is the same problem, check linquize solution: Blank screen after installing Raspbian

In short, the problem is that the config-file is overwritten by the template. You could try to let it finish the boot-process, and with no signal on the HDMI, try to connect to the Pi via SSH. Then edit /boot/config.txt and uncomment these to:


An other solution is to install Raspbian directly on the SD card, without using NOOBS. After it's installed on the SD, mount the SD card on a Linux-box and edit the /boot/config.txt as above, before booting it up on the Pi.

  • Thanks for spotting the similar issue. I looked into it, but unfortunately I was not able to remote in with SSH either. There was not even a link light on the network. I gave up on NOOBS and made an SD card with Raspbian. That works just fine.
    – TimxDunn
    Commented Oct 24, 2013 at 16:29

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