1 month ago, I was building a case for my Raspberry Pi 3B+ and I accidentally spilled water on it (I dried it and all) and the sd card was corrupted. I then went to vacation, 1 month passed and got back home with a new 32GB SD Card. Flashed Raspbian full with Pi Bakery on it but I plug it on a 5V == 3A charger and it just doesn't boot, the fan doesn't start working and it just stays there with a Red LED.

I hope someone help me because I spent my birthday money on it and really wanted to play with it.


Your pi is broken.You should use a charger with 2.3 to 2.5 A supply.Either it must be short circuited when you spilled water on it or it must be shorted when you plugged in your charger.I faced a similar problem.You must buy a new one to work with.

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