I want to setup my RPi as a wireless access point by default, then let an end-user open some browser-based UI to enter their own Wireless SSID and password, which would then be used by the RPi to connect to the Internet. Something like:

  1. RPi is configured as a wireless access point as a default
  2. User connects their device to the wireless network RPi is broadcasting
  3. User points their device browser to a pre-specified IP address or URL (?)
  4. RPi serves a web page where the user can enter their WiFi network SSID and password
  5. RPi writes the SSID and password to the wpa_supplicant.conf file
  6. RPi reboots (?)
  7. RPi is connects to the Internet over users WiFi

Anyone know of a good tutorial out there for this?

  • No! It is conceivable possible, but nowhere near as simple as you suggest. It is easier to just put a wpa_supplicant.conf file in the boot partition of a normal Raspbian – Milliways Sep 6 '19 at 0:11
  • @Milliways pray tell where the complexity lies? End-users won't have access to the boot partition... – dikuw Sep 6 '19 at 10:13

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