Does Raspberry Pi working with Raspbian make any automatic updates without our permission? If yes, How to disable it?

  • The way you phrased it makes it sound like Rasbpian is doing something bad. – Dmitry Grigoryev Sep 10 at 6:47
  • This is not intended, but it should not do this. – Jawad Sabir Sep 10 at 7:03

In fact Raspbian does have daily upgrades enabled by default; to check:

systemctl status apt-daily-upgrade

To disable this:

sudo systemctl mask apt-daily-upgrade
sudo systemctl mask apt-daily
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    @Dougie, it's a sane default for an IoT device such as raspberry pi, one surelly wants to receive unnatended secrutiy patches to stay safe. And if you for whatever reason do not, well, it's easy to disable, nothing idiotic about that. – Andrew Savinykh Sep 10 at 4:28

It does have that feature available, but it is not enabled by default.


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    You might want to check systemctl status apt-daily-upgrade... ;| – goldilocks Sep 9 at 14:13

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