So my question is: How do you download shellter for Raspbian as

sudo apt-get install shellter

does not work. it says package not found.

Or does shellter not exist for the Raspbian I have found nothing on the internet other than for Kali Linux but that doesn't really help. I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3 model B.

  • have you read the documentation pertaining to Debian? – jsotola Sep 10 '19 at 19:40
  • 1
    shellter runs under Wine in linux ... I'll just let that sink in – Jaromanda X Sep 10 '19 at 21:24
  • shellter is an x86/amd64 application ... you have exactly zero chance of running shellter on a raspberry pi of any numeric value, due to the lack of x86/amd64 CPU – Jaromanda X Sep 11 '19 at 2:09
  • @Jaromanda X, Many thanks for pointing out my careless typo mistake. I will correct it soon. BTW, your slang phrases "Under Wine" and "sink in" are new to me. I never heard them before. My English story: I only learned the alphabets A, B, C at 9, and "A man, a pen etc" at 10, and at 11 went to a trade school learning metal work and mechanical drawing, dreaming to become a car mechanic one day, so I never tried hard to learn English, until it was too late. Google can't help much now. :( – tlfong01 Sep 11 '19 at 2:26
  • ERRATA. Some time ago I wrote the following message. "Just now I tried to use Rpi4B Raspbian 10 buster desktop preferences > add/remove software > search for keyword "shelter" with no luck. Usually this search is more powerful than the terminal commands I know to search for packages. So my conclusion is that "shelter" *** is available *** for Raspbain 10 buster." The words "is available" should read "is UNavailable". May apologies for the confusion. – tlfong01 Sep 11 '19 at 2:29

As you can read at Shellter in section "Main Features":

Compatible with Windows x86/x64 (XP SP3 and above) & Wine/CrossOver for Linux/Mac.

For this it needs an intel processor to run but Raspberry Pi has an ARM processor so it is not possible to execute shellter on a RasPi. That's also the reason why you don't find it in its repository.

It is written that it can be used with "Wine/CrossOver for Linux/Mac". But it is all the same with Wine/CrossOver. They need to have an intel processor.

So it must be said that there is no possibility to run shellter on Raspberry Pi.

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