I have bought myself a BU-353 USB GPS Receiver and trying to use it with the Pi,

I have followed this tutorial to set it up,

This is how we were able to install and run the GlobalSat BU-353 GPS module on our Raspberry Pi

From the command prompt, type:

sudo bash

apt-get install gpsd gpsd-clients python-gps

nano /lib/udev/gpsd.hotplug

Scroll down the document and add chmod a+rw $DEVNAME above the line that says gpsdctl $ACTION $DEVNAME

Press CTRL and O together to save

Press CTRL and X together to exit the file

/etc/init.d/gpsd restart

gpsd /dev/ttyUSB0 -F /var/run/gpsd.sock

cgps -s

You will now see the GPS output

But when I am writing cgps -s an empty table shows up with each value equals to n/a.

What is wrong here ? Could anyone please help me. ?

It merits mentioning that I am using puTTy to access my Raspberry Pi and have done all above steps using puTTy.


there might be a few instances of gpsd running at the same time you're unaware of.

kill 'em all and restart gpsd:

sudo killall gpsd
sudo gpsd /dev/ttyUSB0 -F /var/run/gpsd.sock

Make sure that your GPS unit is as close to a window as possible. If you're in the middle of your house/office, it won't get a signal and will say n/a indefinitely.

I have the same unit hooked up to my pi and it works fine in my office but not in a center office in my building.

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