When I run raspivid with -n option I cannot use options -awb and -ev does not work either. My goal is to use camera in greyscale mode without a preview window.

When I tested with -ev off then video was black, but I won't see any differences in other -ev modes.

If I run raspivid with preview window and with option -awb off then picture is in greyscale and also saved video isin greyscale.

Maybe someone has useful info about -awb and -n option together. Is this a limitation of software or hardware?

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for grey scale use the saturation command sa -100 . Im using RaspiVid 1.3.3 using the command raspivid -t 12000 -n -sa -100 -awb off -o output.mp4 works fine with no preview for my 512mb model B Pi

When you say -ev off do you mean -ev -10 with raspivid -t 12000 -n -awb off -ev -10 -o output.mp4 I got a colour image

If you mean -ex off then raspivid -t 12000 -n -awb off -ex off -o output.mp4 give a colour images as well. Im not getting any black images.

raspivid -t 12000 -n -sa -100 -awb off -ex -off -o output.mp4 give a greyscale image with no preview fine.


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