I know that you can mark the contents of a folder as watched by bringing up the context menu for it and selecting Mark as watched, but is there any way to mark the folder itself as watched so that the checkmark will appear beside it?

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There seems to be a way to do it (full disclosure: I haven't verified it, yet).


XBMC uses .nfo files to track playcount and other statistics (as well as to display thumbnails, descriptions aso.). It also has a mechanism to easily migrate your play settings (from another machine).

Solution 1

As described here, there is a way to import an "exported" library (containing also the watched state). So, you could do this:

  1. export your library
  2. manually/programmatically mark desired (folder) entries as watched
  3. import the library

    NB: you have to change the XBMC setting importwatchedstate (in advancedsettings.xml) to true.

Solution 2 (easier!)

But, I believe it's even easier to do it directly with .nfo file. Here's a hack which (I believe) could work:

  1. create an empty tvshow.nfo file in the folder you wish to mark as watched

    The filename of the NFO should be tvshow.nfo (Exact, NOT the name of the actual TV show) and it should be in the root folder of the TV show.

  2. add this data to the file (most importantly, the playcount > 0)

    (Also, you could try removing the lastplayed setting as it could be redundant.)

Source: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=NFO_files/tvshows

Let me know if it works! :)

  • I tried Solution 2 both with and without the lastplayed setting, but it didn't work :( I'll have to wait another day to try out Solution 1, but if anyone does it before me, let me know here! Oct 25, 2013 at 3:06
  • Maybe try with a full tvshow.nfo? Like this: pastebin.com/N8aeTddq
    – Saran
    Oct 25, 2013 at 7:14

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