Occasionally when I play a video that already has subtitles, I find that they're out of sync and so I search for and download subtitles using the XBMC Subtitles add-on. However when I do, I find that the subtitles won't work at all after that (i.e. even though there are subtitles on disk, they aren't being displayed with the video), even if I try toggling them using the t keyboard shortcut. I usually find that I have to stop the video and then resume it from its last position from the file explorer. Does anyone know why this happens and how to fix it?

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Whoops, I'm a doofus. Turns out it had nothing to do with the add-on at all -- I was playing around with the permissions of my external hard drive (which is where all my media is stored), and I accidentally set the permissions to -w for the "others" class, which is, I presume, what the user that runs the XBMC subtitles belongs to, and so it could no longer write to the video directories. My bad.

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