I am trying to install HY463 touch screen driver on to raspberrypi-cm3 buster lite. I have installed drivers before. But Their website does not provide any Makefile or any documentation for me to compile/add the drivers

Can anyone provide me any pointers or documentation that could help me

Edit1: Adding the link to website: https://www.hycontek.com/en/category/products-en/touch-en

Edit2: I now see a pdf document which look like it has instructions on how to add it. So I am translating that now

Edit3: So according to the document I have to do these below steps

4.1 Migration File This section describes how to transplant our driver. The functions implemented include driver mount, touch point report, sleep wake-up FW upgrade and other interfaces for APK and ADB debug call. 
1. Copy the hy46xx_ts.c and hy46xx_ts.h files to the kernel/include/linux/input/touchscreen/ directory. 
2. Modify the Makefile in the kernel/include/linux/input/touchscreen/ directory and add a line to the end of this file: obj-$(CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_HYCON) += hy46xx_ts.o 
4.2 Compile After completing the work described in Section 4.1 You can compile the kernel, enter the compile command at the command line: Make -j4 bootimage Wait for the compilation to complete, compile successfully will generate boot.img. 

But This document still does not tell me how to compile it after boot-up. I cannot do this above method because. My Image now has cross-compile tool and all packages installed on it. If I now create a new image then I would have to do that all over again

Can someone give me any pointers on how to generate a Makefile and then add this touchscreen module

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    saying Their website is practically useless ... please add a link to the website – jsotola Sep 12 '19 at 0:06
  • @thesillywhat, You might like to read my answer to the following question, where I share my touch screen driver building experience. There are also many pointers. The tutorial I followed is very detailed and newbie friendly. raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/98549/… – tlfong01 Sep 12 '19 at 1:05

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