I could not find answer to my question reading the forum, Im having unusual problem with my new pi 3b+. I'm able to connect my Pi with ethernet cable, and I can ssh to it. So no problem with connecting to pi, but when I type sudo reboot, or sudo shutdown -h now, my ssh connection immediately breaks with an error: Remote side unexpectedly closed network connection. It happens the second I type the command. Im guessing this is not correct, I should get message that Pi is shutting down right?

  • No that is what should happen. The SSH service needs to be terminated before a shutdown or reboot. – Steve Robillard Sep 23 at 15:32

If you specify now to shutdown or call for reboot, then the command take immediate effect. Among other things it stops the ssh services and you can / will get cold-dropped like that. If you want to get a warning, then you need to specify a future time for the command to execute.

  • Oh, thank you. After I asked the question I thought maybe that's actually okay. Thank you for clearing my doubts. – Marko Cvejic Sep 23 at 19:21

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