This is not a Pi-specific question, but any Pi user will run into this problem eventually if they use it as a desktop computer.

I tried this tutorial, but it doesn't fully work, breaks some apps, and in my opinion looks horrible.

How do I get colored emojis to display in chromium-browser?

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You can install the color emoji font from Google:

sudo apt install fonts-noto-color-emoji

You will have to restart any programs for emoji to show up in them.


Microsoft has a color emoji font, Segoe UI. A nearly current version can be found here.

But this is not a perfect solution. Segoe UI cannot display every single emoji in existence, so I use a combo of Segoe UI and Noto Color Emoji.

And these commands will download, extract, and copy the two fonts to the .fonts folder:

mkdir ~/tmp
cd tmp
wget https://fontsdata.com/zipdown-segoeuiemoji-132714.htm 
wget https://noto-website.storage.googleapis.com/pkgs/NotoColorEmoji-unhinted.zip
mv zipdown-segoeuiemoji-132714.htm segoeuiemoji.zip
unzip segoeuiemoji.zip
unzip NotoColorEmoji-unhinted.zip
mkdir /home/pi/.fonts &>/dev/null
mv seguiemj.ttf "/home/pi/.fonts/Segoe UI.ttf"
mv NotoColorEmoji.ttf "/home/pi/.fonts/Noto Color Emoji.ttf"
fc-cache -f -v &>/dev/null
rm -r ~/tmp

Check out this emoji preview site, it should look like this:
enter image description here As you can see, this is much improved over what it looked like before:
enter image description here


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