I just finished building the Raspbian kernel according to the instructions in Raspberry Pi Kernel Compilation Guide. Prior to this I was running the latest build from raspberrypi.org, 3.6.11+ #358. I am pretty sure that the Git repository I pulled from GitHub was the latest one, because the gitlogs show the latest commit 10bc58289, but when I run uname -a I get "...3.6.11+ #1...".

My question is twofold:

  1. How can I tell for sure whether I am running #1 or #358?
  2. If I am running the older version of 3.6.11+, how do I build the latest version using the code from the repository? Is there a setting in the default .config file that I skipped?

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The reason why you have #1 is that you compiled your own kernel. If you want to always run the kernel from the Git repository, just use rpi-update.

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