I'm looking for a tool similar to Veracrypt, Boxcryptor or Cryptomator which runs on the Raspberry Pi 4 (armv8). The above mentioned apps don't seem to support the arm architecture (or at least not v8). I want to create an encrypted container file which I could mount when needed and put files in it. Needs to run without network access.

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    What do you mean with container file? Do you want to use it as operating-system-level virtualization method using container like LXC (Linux Containers)? Or just meaning an encrypted file that mount will decrpyt?
    – Ingo
    Oct 9, 2019 at 22:02

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encfs is supported

apt install encfs

Veracrypt does support ARM: check out Contributed Resources. The Pi 4 can run ARMv7 code just fine.

Of course, you can always build an open-source program for any CPU architecture you like, e.g. ARMv8. Since Pi 4 CPU does not support the AES extensions (armv8-a+crypto), making an ARMv8 Veracrypt build will not achieve anything in terms of performance, besides ruining compatibility with ARMv7.

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