I am looking forward to buying Raspberry Pi 3 from Amazon. I want to test Windows 10 IoT. I am wondering what kind of cable do I need to connect it to power. How much energy does it need? Should it be something like a laptop cable with a transformer? Thanks


Normally the Raspberry comes with a 5V / 3A power supply. The value of 5V is standard (can vary up to 5.20V) nothing more. The current can be up to 2.5A. I use a usb cable anyway.

  • 5.25V. Consider the voltage drop on the wire. Even 5.8 can be tolerated by the Pi (but perhaps not USB peripherals). – user2497 Oct 10 at 9:41
  • Yes. I noticed that when I connect a 5inch touchscreen display plus a wireless mouse, Raspberry shows a "power out" signal. After much research, I found a video in Portuguese that the guy shows that there is voltage drop in Raspberry of about 0.20V. So I use a power supply that gives 5.25V to 5.3. The "lightning" signal never appeared again. – Carol Laila Oct 10 at 11:51

Officially the rating is 5V-3A. But Raspberry Pi works very well with a 5V-2.5A adapter. If you have a 2.5 ampere mobile charger you can use that too. But never use a fast-charger. If you want to use all the ports in Pi then you should use a 5V-3A charger. I have a guess that you want to use a voltage regulator as well. It will work, but you have to be extremely careful about that.

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