I am running a Raspberry Pi model 4, 4GB, with Buster Lite with Nextcloud and Mumble installed on it. I noticed that once I unplug my pi from my display, that the services stop working and I cannot connect to them over the internet until I reboot the system. How do I fix this and prevent it from happening?

  • so the Nextcloud and Mumble services are the only ones that stop working with no display? – Jaromanda X Oct 15 at 22:56
  • As far as I know they are. When I plug the screen back in, I see no error codes or anything of the sort. The command line is where I left it. However, the services don't come back online until I do a system restart or if I restart their services. – Cashew Oct 15 at 23:08
  • have you checked the status of the service - if they get managed by systemd, it may be a simple case of systemctl status xxx to see any issue. there's also journalctl command which can show more info, can't recall the options for that, but usually if systemctl status shows there's an error it'll also show the command to run to get more info ... another place to look is in /var/logs search for the service name in the files there to see if they have logged any errors in the system logs – Jaromanda X Oct 15 at 23:13
  • I'm gonna try to replicate the issue by unplugging the pi from my display again and see what happens when I run those commands. Will post results. – Cashew Oct 15 at 23:17

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